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Hungarian Wine


Hungarian Wine

The vineyards of Hungary are situated in the Carpathian basin. The continental climate is prevalent, while the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, and in the southern wine districts, the Mediterranean is also felt. The climate between regions and across years may vary a lot as a result. Although mean annual temperature is 10.5 °C, and mean average rainfall is 600 mm, there are significant variances.

Currently there are 22 wine districts in Hungary. They are located on the Great Plain, between the Tisza and Danube rivers. These wine districts contain 45% of the vineyards of the country in terms of area. The other wine districts are in the Trans-Danube (15) and in Northern Hungary (4). The size of the wine districts varies. The Somló and Mór districts are the smallest, with areas below 1,000 hectares, while the Kunság wine district is the largest, with around 38,500 hectares. Most wine districts are within the range of 1,000 and 5,000 hectares. (One hectare = 100 acres.)

  • Ászár-Neszmély (1400 hectares)
  • Badacsony (1600 hectares)
  • Balatonfured-Csopak (1700 hectares)
  • Balaton-felvidék (2500 hectares)
  • Bukkalja (980 hectares)
  • Csongrád (1850 hectares)
  • South Balaton (2600 hectares)
  • Eger (3200 hectares)
  • Etyek-Buda (1770 hectares)
  • Hajós-Baja (1400 hectares)
  • Kunság (25,600 hectares)
  • Mátraalja (7280 hectares)
  • Mecsekalja (500 hectares)
  • Mór (900 hectares)
  • Pannonhalma-Sokoróalja (630 hectares)
  • Somló (500 hectares)
  • Sopron (1370 hectares)
  • Szekszárd (1900 hectares)
  • Tokaj-Hegyalja (5250 hectares)
  • Tolna (2130 hectares)
  • Villány-Siklós (1600 hectares)
  • Balaton-melléke (2180 hectares)

The entire territory of Hungary is inside the vine-growing zone. This fact along with the special soil and climatic qualities of various regions explains why a small country like Hungary can boast 22 strictly delimited quality wine districts. In fact, one of the most amazing facts about Hungarian wines is their great variety: Hungary belongs to the few wine-growing countries in the world producing the entire range of classic wine styles including whites, rosés, full bodied reds and natural sweet wines (botrytis whites). These different wines are made from an impressive range of grape varieties characterized by a certain equilibrium between international and local varieties. Hungary is often considered as a white wine country.


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