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Food, Wine and How To Match Them

Trying to choose the right wine to go with your food? This helpful table lists a variety of food and the wine which goes well with them.

Food and Wine Paring

Wine Type

Food Type

Blanc de Noir
Aperitif, with lunch, desserts.
Dry but more fruity than Brut. Made from Red grapes only.
Blanc de Blancs
Caviar. Anytime.
Delicate dry wine made from white grapes only.
Aperitifs and first courses, fruits and nuts. Fuller bodied variations go well with any fish and chicken.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Beef, lamb, pork, duck, game meats, cheeses.
Medium to full-bodied, tannic and dry.
Poultry and game birds, veal and pork, rabbit fish and pasta preparations which feature cream and/or butter, mushrooms.
Medium to full-bodied, dry.
Chenin Blanc
Braised Chicken, sushi and other Oriental dishes, poultry, pork.
Light to medium-bodied, normally off-dry to semi-sweet.
Fillet steak with tomato based sauce, sweet seafood, chicken and red meats.
Medium to full bodied dry red
Beef, lamb, pork, duck, game meats, cheeses, stews, pizza, heart pastas.
Medium to full-bodied, less tannic than Cabernet, dry.
Pinot Noir
Lamb, duck, turkey, game birds, beef, rabbit, semi-soft cheeses.
Medium to light-bodied, dry, little tannin leaves silky texture.
Crabmeat, appetizers and finger foods, pork, salads.
Light to medium bodied, semi-sweet to off-dry.
Rose Wine
Best with smoked foods, quiche, pork and ham, Mexican and Thai food. Can be served with all food.
Vary greatly in the level of residual sugar (sweetness).
Grilled fish, foods with creamy sauces such as pasta.
Medium bodied dry white
Sauvignon Blanc
First courses, seafood, ethnic dishes—pastas, curries, salsas, spicy sausages, vegetable dishes, luncheon salads, olive-oil based dishes, tomato sauces, goat cheese.
Light-medium bodied, dry. Fruity bouquet.
Beef fillet with tomato based sauce. Rich spicy meals. Veal, kangaroo, roast duck. Sparkling shiraz goes well with pastries and puddings.
Medium to full bodied
Spicy cuisines such as Chinese, Mexican, and Indian, mild sausages, fruit salad.
Light to medium body, usually semi-sweet, occasionally off-dry.
Yabby, grilled fish, fruit platters and Italian pastas with cream based sauce.
Medium bodied dry white
White Zinfandel
The sweetness of the wine can be overwhelming, particularly with the rich food commonly served at weddings.
Sweet, blush colored
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